The localization is excellent, in atreet sidewalk,next good to the sea,in a environment tranquil and discrete.The high façade with gates in massive wood, height walls, balausters and a big garden leave the property with imponent air.This property in local tranquil possess system of security with electrified fence.
Encircled for exuberant tropical gardens this property it possess spectacular free area! It accomodates some cars and already it possess the area of leisure with swimming pool and local for your barbecue.Come to confer!
The entrance of this sensational house of two stories is made by doors in massive wood and glasses,of this form who this in the room can appreciate covered landcape external.The varanda allows that you use its criativity.
The room spacious and versatile,the very ample room allow the division in surrounding various,glass blocks,had been used to keep the clarity of the environment the thick partition wall in something separate the kitchen of the dinner
The pleausure in cooking is assiduous.
The well iluminated environment strengthened by the colonial windows
received the sink with spacious group of benches from granite
The gorgeous granite stairs in three you lauch
makes na access of luxury to the dormitories
here are four dormitories with differentiated project,following the style of they construction.
Good aired and comfortable they willprovide excellent nights of sleep its family ones
Brilliant luxury in bathtub.Box and glass blocks become the environment more illuminated .AThebeauty are finished by the frisos decorad in the ceramic coating and symmetry in the finishing

All the dormitories possess access drawn with sight for the swimming pool.The details in brick to see and the balusters leave the environment with full classic air of life.

This property possess a innovative appearance you will passes moments admiring the bealtiful landscapes of the external area.
The swimming pool coated with moneral rocks has the ideal space for the coloration of chairs and tables. Come to refresh and stay with the itanhaense bronzed one.
The area destined to the barbecue was projected circumstantial.The space is sensational and finishing all follows the atyle of the property, glass blocks and bricks seen always in prominence.
This environment was made to great parties that always will be carried through with much classroom and pastime.

R$ 300.000 ref ch95

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